Financial Aid

Crescendo is committed to providing need-based financial aid to all qualifying students for private lessons, Music Together classes, group classes, and more. Recipients of financial assistance must reapply prior to the beginning of each new school year. To receive full consideration, applications should be received by August 5th. Applications for summer program scholarships should be submitted by May 15th. Applications submitted after August 5th will be considered/awarded if funds are available. Current students’ accounts must be up to date in order to be considered for aid.

It should be understood that funding for financial assistance through Crescendo is limited as it is dependent upon grants and donations received. However, every effort will be made to assist those students who, because of financial difficulties, would otherwise be unable to study with us.

Financial aid is awarded based on household income eligibility. We use the federal guidelines for Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility to guide our decisions. Requests for financial aid must be accompanied by your most recent federal tax return, public assistance documentation, or proof of unemployment. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Supporting documentation cannot be returned; please submit photocopies only. Multiple students from the same family may be listed on a single application. The student account must be current in order to be considered for financial aid. All information submitted will be kept in strict confidence.

The acceptance of financial assistance from Crescendo carries with it an obligation on the part of the student to attend lessons on a regular basis and work diligently on making progress in their principal area of concentration. Aid may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the principal teacher and/or the Executive Director, the recipient fails to meet the minimum standard which is expected by the teacher and CAM. A withdrawal for any length of time results in a loss of financial aid; upon your return, you must reapply. The receipt of aid one year does not guarantee assistance in future years.

To apply, please submit a financial assistance application below. Contact the office for any additional information.

Financial aid guidelines can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here

    Student date of birth
    Parent or guardian name(s)
    Is the student a returning or new Crescendo student?
    Grade and school attending
    What instrument or class would you like to study/participate in?
    What is the name of your current instructor?
    How long have you been studying your instrument?
    Are there any other family members studying at Crescendo? If so, who?
    Does the student participate in any other musical activities? (Please select any that apply.)
    Other musical activities:
    Do you qualify for free or reduced lunch?
    Total income (from 1040 tax return)
    Total number of people in household
    Total number of people in household under age 18

    Requests for financial aid must be accompanied by your most recent federal tax return, public assistance documentation, or proof of unemployment. Please obscure social security numbers from all submitted documents. This application CANNOT be processed until proof of income documents are received.

    I will submit my income documentation:

    As a recipient of a Crescendo Academy of Music scholarship, it is my responsibility to maintain regular attendance, practice, come to lessons/classes prepared, and contribute monetarily to my lessons. I understand that failure to do this will result in a review of status as an award recipient, and my scholarship may be revoked.

    By typing my name and date, I agree to these conditions