Our Music School’s Policies

To make sure that you can get the best experience with Crescendo as your music school, keep in mind our policies regarding our classes and programs:

Attendance Policy

Students must give 24-hour notice of an absence to be offered a make-up lesson. If a make-up lesson cannot be arranged, the student will not be charged for the lesson. When notice is not given, the student will be charged for the scheduled time. Same day cancellations and no-shows will be charged. Repeated absences could result in termination of lessons. When the instructor is absent for an extended period, a qualified substitute teacher may be provided. If a substitute cannot be provided, the student will not be charged.

Academy Closings

Crescendo will be closed during the Kalamazoo Public Schools winter (Christmas) break. Students who wish to take lessons during the breaks must make arrangements with the individual instructor and pay for their lesson at the point of service. With the consent of the instructor, make-up lessons may be scheduled during the breaks.

Snow Days

During inclement weather, Crescendo will close when Kalamazoo Public Schools close. If it becomes necessary for Crescendo to close, the closing will be announced via our voice mail system (269-345-6664), and on our website and Facebook pages. Students will not be charged for lessons if Crescendo closes. If you would still like a lesson on a closing day, you may contact your individual instructor(s).


Withdrawing from lessons, whether temporarily or permanently, must be done in writing. To withdraw from lessons, please contact the office. If you have a credit at the point of withdrawal, a refund check will be mailed to you.