Support Your Music School

Thanks to our gracious donors, Crescendo Academy of Music can continue to be the music school that helps musicians of all ages improve through professional, effective music programs.

Annual Fund

We work hard creating exceptional music programs, and each year our student enrollment grows, but the price of music instruction covers only a portion of our expenses. Our annual fund campaign raises those important dollars that we need to support our operations.


We are dedicated to offering scholarships to over 10% of our students. A gift to our scholarship campaign ensures that one more student will realize the joy of music in their life.

Your gift of:

$26.00 = one half-hour lesson
$60.00 = two sessions of Community Voices Ensemble
$104.00 = one month of half-hour lessons
$195.00 = one Music Together class
$370.00 = two semesters of Music Together classes
$500.00 = one semester of half-hour lessons
$1000.00 = one year of half-hour lessons

Special Funds and Gifts

In addition to our annual campaigns, our friends donate to a designated fund.

  • Beth Ann McLaren Piano Scholarship Fund
  • Community Voices Ensemble Fund
  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Dezzie & Aughtery Lipsey Memorial Scholarship Fund for Minority Students
  • Kalamazoo Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra Fund

Musical Instruments & Scores

**Due to space issues, we are not accepting instrument or score donations at this time.**

Planned Giving

Please let us know if you have named Crescendo in your estate plan, charitable trust, or will. These types of gifts ensure that your love of music will live on at Crescendo.

Donate your time and expertise

Crescendo is always looking for volunteers to help out with special events and projects and to serve on our Board of Directors.

Contact the office to learn more about sharing your skills and time with us, or go here.